Find Out the Reason For Turning Off Your Cellphone On a Flight

Find Out the Reason For Turning Off Your Cellphone On a Flight – Turning off the cellphone when you are about to take a flight is one of the rules that we remember when we want to get on an airplane. But do you know the reason for turning off the cellphone?

This is done so that the smartphone you carry during the flight does not interfere with the aircraft’s communication system.
Safety reasons were the biggest factor in the ban, as the plane would fly at an altitude of more than 10,000 feet. A lit cell phone can reflect signals from several cell operator towers that the plane passes through, so it can send out a much stronger signal.

Find Out the Reason For Turning Off Your Cellphone On a Flight

Perhaps many do not know, that during the flight, the pilot is constantly connected to the air controller on the ground and pays attention to the radar. This is because planes often fly close to other aircraft. Pilot conversations and Air Traffic Control (ATC) rely on radio waves.

If the situation does not support, electronic signal waves from cellphones and passenger electronic devices can certainly interfere with pilot communication. Pilots will usually get distracting noises in their lines of communication or distracting images on radar.
If this happens, the captain or flight attendant will immediately announce that the airplane passengers immediately turn off their electronic gadgets.
In general, having to turn off cell phones and other electronic gadgets on a flight doesn’t take long. Usually only about 10-15 minutes while the plane is still below 10,000 feet (3,000 meters).

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Based on these considerations, all passengers are asked to turn off their cellphones, not just turn on airplane mode, you know. In addition to preventing navigational disturbances, turning off cell phones also aims to make passengers pay attention to safety instructions by flight attendants and respond quickly if something goes wrong.

On the other hand, some countries have allowed the use of mobile phones during flights, some even provide Wi-Fi in the aircraft cabin. However, this policy is of course accompanied by strict rules and conditions.
Allowed cellphones are cellphones that have been equipped with flight mode (plane safe) or airplane mode features, or telecommunication devices that use satellite communication systems. However, no matter how sophisticated the anticipation is, the use of mobile phones is still very risky in the aircraft cabin.