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Abstinence in Flying – Airplanes are one of the most popular types of transportation. By using the plane, the kit can easily travel to other provinces and even countries. Aircraft have advantages in speed and service. But there are some rules that are used in a flight so that your flight is smooth and of course safe. Here are the taboos in flying.

1. Don’t joke about bombs.

Whether you’re at the airport or on the plane, don’t joke about bombs. The sanctions are quite severe and apply at all airports and airlines of the world. Choose another joke topic, other than bombs.

2. Don’t Miss the Safety Demonstration

Many passengers choose to listen to music or sleep during the safety demonstration. It’s a good idea to watch the safety demonstration every time you board an airplane. In addition to the safety demonstration, also calculate the distance of the closest seat to the evacuation door or window.

3. Don’t Try Taking New Drugs

Never try to take a new drug that you don’t know the side effects of while traveling by plane. Try taking medicine first while on land. Because the effects of drugs are unpredictable, and even though there is a first treatment for sick victims on the plane, it is not as complete as on the ground.

4. Don’t Bring Smelly

Food The air circulation in the cabin is narrow, making smelly food able to be smelled by one passenger. So don’t eat smelly food on planes.

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5. Do not lay down the chair at mealtime

A mistake that many people make is laying down the chair at mealtime. Remember, the other person behind you is relying on the dining table behind your chair.

6. Don’t Drink Alcoholic

Drinks Too Many A glass of alcoholic beverages may still be tolerated and help speed up sleep. More than that, it actually gives the opposite effect, the body will continue to be dehydrated and can lose consciousness.

7. Don’t Take Other People’s Baggage

Other people also carry cabin baggage, unless the baggage above your head is full. Ask the cabin crew for help, where to put your luggage.

8. Don’t Block the Way of the Next Passenger.

Blocking the next passenger can use various objects that are placed on their feet. Choose wisely what you have to put under the chair so it doesn’t bother other people when they want to get out.