Must Know The Following in Playing SicBo

Must Know The Following in Playing SicBo

Must Know The Following in Playing SicBo – When you play the online sicbo gambling game you as a player need to have knowledge of the following information.

The sicbo game on online casino gambling sites is actually not a new game. If the admin says this is a dice game, then surely my readers will know right away. Yes, this is a betting game with dice as a playing medium. It’s just that on gambling sites use the term sicbo. So it can be said that Sicbo is an casino online dice game because it is done online.

However, so that you can play according to the applicable rules, you should first know the important information that a player must know before playing Sicbo on an casino online gambling site. Immediately below, the admin has prepared an explanation.

The rules for playing live casino gambling games Sicbo are actually very easy to learn and understand. It is the player’s job to guess the dice. But before that, you have to choose whether you want to play with two or three dice options. This is because the dealer will give players two choices.

If you have chosen the option for the number of dice you want to play, then the next way to play is to guess the total value of the dice. If your guess is correct, you will get a prize from the dealer. But before that, you must first select the betting option that you want to place in the city. And below are seven choices of bets in the sicbo game on casino gambling sites and the prizes that you will get as follows:

The first is to guess a single number. Let the player choose one number from the three dice that will come out after the dealer has shuffled the dice in a cup. If it passes, the prize you get is 1x the value of the installation.

The second is the combination bet. In this option the player guesses four numbers from the three dice that will be generated after being shaken by the dealer. The winning prize for this bet is 5x the value of the bet.

The third is big and small bets. This betting option is quite easy because the player’s task is to guess the category of the total value of the three dice that is shuffled into the large or small category. Those in the small category are from values ​​4 to 10. Meanwhile, those in the big number category are those from 11 to 17. The payout for this option is 1x bet.

Fourth is the odd-even bet. This option is similar to small. It’s just for the odd or even category. The number of prizes won is also the same, namely 1x bet.

Fifth is the total dice bet. You must guess the total value of the three dice that comes out correctly. This bet prize is a maximum of 50x the bet value.

Sixth is a double bet. You choose one twin number from three dice, with a winning prize of 8x the bet. And seventh is the triplet bet. Winning prize is 180x bet.

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If friends are interested in what has been described above, then you should register at an official and trusted casino bookie. The goal is that you get a fairplay guarantee. Thus the game is not controlled by the machine. So you can get the opportunity to win when you play at bookies with fairplay guarantees.