Germany Supports 6 Balkan Countries to Join European Union

Germany Supports 6 Balkan Countries to Join European Union

Germany Supports 6 Balkan Countries to Join European Union – At this time, many people feel that there is a lot of news about the wars that often occur in several areas. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz plans to travel to the Western Balkans. He wants to do so before the European Council meeting next month.

To MPs in Berlin, Scholz had said that the six Balkan countries had carried out reforms over the years and hoped that these countries would join the European Union (EU).

1. Six Balkan countries wishing to join the EU

Chancellor Scholz wants to go to the Western Balkans while bringing the message that the region belongs to the EU. There are six countries in the region with EU membership aspirations.

Quoted from Reuters, they are Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. The six countries have been involved in the reform process for years to achieve membership.

Scholz told parliament, “honoring their commitments is not only a matter of our credibility. Today, more than ever, their integration is also in our strategic interest.”

2. The Western Balkans belong to Europe, says Scholz

Chancellor Scholz met with Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti on Wednesday. After that, he also had a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

“The Western Balkans belong to Europe,” Scholz said at a news conference and stood beside PM Kurti, reported by Deutsche Welle.

Scholz emphasized that he views the Western Balkan countries as an indivisible unit of Europe.

“In the future, all (Western Balkans) countries should become members of the EU,” Scholz said, pledging to do what he could to help the process.

Together with President Vucic, Scholz said, “for Serbia it is important to continue on its path of reform and that includes media freedom and fighting organized crime.”

The German chancellor also stressed the importance of restoring bilateral relations and called it very important to their aspirations for membership in the EU.

President Vucic also reiterated that Serbia is fully committed to joining the EU, although this is not very popular with the public.

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3. There are no shortcuts for Ukraine
Ukraine has been trying to join the EU for a long time. But that effort never materialized. When Moscow invaded Kiev, Ukraine pressed for an acceleration to be accepted as part of the bloc.

But according to Scholz, Ukraine may not have a shortcut to joining the EU. The exclusion of Kiev, even though it is being battered by Russia, would be unfair to Western Balkan countries that are also seeking membership, Al Jazeera quotes.

Even so, Scholz has called for the EU to find a quick and pragmatic way to help Ukraine.