Common Causes of Flight Delays


Common Causes of Flight Delays – Delay or a delay in an airplane flight has become a natural thing. Delay occurs because of an obstacle. Many people use planes to save time, but sometimes planes are actually delayed on a flight. So what are the things that cause a flight to be delayed? The following are the factors that cause delays.

Airline Management Factor
This factor is caused by airlines, for example delays from pilots, co-pilots, cabin crew, catering, unpreparedness of aircraft or handling in the area and others. In addition, it can even be caused by passenger delays.

So, you have to wait for passengers, whether they have just reported (checked in), are changing planes (transfer) or connecting flights. Apparently because it can cause flights to be delayed. So, airline workers and passengers must be disciplined in time, so as not to harm others.

Operational Technical Factors
This factor is caused by the condition of the airport at the time of departure or arrival. For example, the environment leading to the airport or runway is disrupted, for example due to flooding, cracks, or even fire.

In addition, it could also be that there is a queue of aircraft taking off (take off), landing (landing). Or for example other obstacles, namely delays in refueling, which eventually causes flights to be delayed.

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Weather Factor
Do you remember the forest fires that hit Kalimantan some time ago? Well, the thick smog has caused many flights to be delayed or even canceled. This condition is one real example of flights being delayed due to weather factors.

In addition to smog, other weather factors that affect flights include flooding, heavy rain, lightning, storms, visibility below the minimum standard and wind speeds that exceed the maximum standard so as to interfere with flight safety.

The Factor of Riots in the Airport Area
This factor can be one of the causes of flight delays or delays. In some areas there are still conflicts, such as demonstrations or riots at airports. Actually, this is outside the responsibility of the airline or airport, but like it or not, the authorities must involve the authorities so that the flight schedule can return to conducive.

Security Check Queue Factor
This factor certainly greatly affects the accuracy of the flight schedule. Security Check queues often occur very long, both when entering the airport and at the waiting room. In addition, one of the causes of flight delays includes if it is found that there are passengers who need further examination.